To make this Pandemic holidays a useful one, AltSense presents you with Robotic classes at different levels for Kids as well as beginners. 

These classes to enlighten the students and give them an insight into the programming, Electronics, and Robotic fields.

This is the beginner level where the students get their hands dirty with hardware stuff.Students are introduced to the robotic concepts which form the foundation for any advanced level concepts.Just like how robotics started off with only hardware stuff (no software components) in the early 20th century.Students learn to build most common Robotic bots like Line Followers &  Edge Detectors


  • Introduction to Robotics
  • History & Scope
  • Examples of Robotics
  • Electronics Basics
  • Robotics Components
  • Introduction to Sensors
  • Digital Sensors Overview


  • Interfacing IR Sensor
  • Implementing Logics with LEDs
  • Motors – Introduction
  • Interfacing Motors
  • Building Robotic Chassis
  • Making a Line Follower Robot
  • Making an Edge Detector Robot

Duration  -  8 Hours

Audience-  School and College Students

Pre-Requisite-Basic Computer Knowledge

Classes can be conducted both via online and offline(at our venue). You can select your mode. Kindly fill-up the form and You will be contacted by our team or WhatsApp to 9962890990.

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