Robot Programmer

Programming has helped Robots to move to next level in their Evolution.Programming has helped Robots to think more logically, take quicker actions with lesser hardware components.In this Level, the students are introduced to the most famous Embedded Platform in the World , ARDUINO. If they are new to programming, they will be taught from the very basics.Students realize how Arduino Programming eases Robots logical sensing and taking decision.Students are also introduced to making simple Android Apps to control their via Mobile

Module 1

Introduction to Embedded Systems

Arduino Platform Overview

Arduino Programming Basics

Digital Outputs

Digital Inputs

Serial Communication

Analog Sensors

Digital Sensors

Controlling Motors


Building Bot
Making Line Follower Bot
Making Edge Detector Bot
Making Obstacle avoider Bot
Serially controlled Bot
Interfacing Bluetooth Module
Mobile Controlled Bot


Gesture Controlled Bot

Duration  -  15 Hours

Audience-  School and College Students

Pre-Requisite-Robot Foundation Level

Classes can be conducted via both online and offline(at our venue). You can select your mode. Kindly fill-up the form and You will be contacted by our team or WhatsApp to 9962890990.

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