wanhao duplicator i3 v2.1 3d printer

34,000.00 20,999.00

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The Duplicator i3 printer is the latest offering from Wanhao. Designed on and around the new Prusa i3 machines, this printer comes with all the up-to-date features and more. This is our entry level printer which arrives fully assembled straight out of the box and calibrated ready to print. Unlike most other prusa models available it comes with custom electronics housing included as well as the metal stamped filament stand. Whether you are starting out with 3D printing or just want a smaller more compact machine this is the ideal all in one package. The i3 cannot be beaten for features, quality and value.


Why buy the i3?


The i3’s frame is made from steel for improved strength and rigidity, which keeps the axis’ tight and printing resolution at its finest. We have also fitted an MK10 extruder for the best performance, reliability and because we know the MK10 works exceptionally well. The print bed is also heated as standard thus allowing more filament choices to print with as well as giving better results. Included with the printer is the electronic controller and housing, also made from steel, along with the filament spool mount. The housing is where the controller sits with LCD screen and twist button controls. We have included a micro SD slot for your designs as well as the usual USB connection. All these features brought together with great design are what make this machine such a great buy. Perfect for beginners or experts at an unbeatable price of less than most unassembled lesser versions!


The Specifications:



Printer ships with 3000mm (~10 ft) Black PLA Filament

Extruder:  MK10 Single-Extruder (with Steel X-Carriage)

Filament Size: 1.75mm Dedicated

Layer Capability: 0.1mm (100 microns)

Build Envelope: 200mm x 200mm x 180mm

Filament Capabilities: ABS & PLA

Compatible Software: ReplicatorG (Opensource), Simplify 3D, Cura

File Type: Gcode

File Transfer: SD Card Slot & USB

Warranty: 1 Year Full Factory Warranty

Frame Color: Black Steel Frame

Weight 12 kg


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