Internet of Things Online course – Tamil

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Here it is launched finally 😍😍😍..

Now it’s ready and live @

To benefit our Tamil people, the sessions are taken in Tamil.

And we are launching it with an offer price. Make use of the opportunity.

The reason why we go online is to let technology reach as many people as possible especially in rural areas. Please watch and share it among your friends and family.


      AltSense has been doing workshops on Internet of Things for the past 2 years. It was everybody’s wish that we do the same course online. Now we have launched it online with a launch offer. The objective of making this course online is to make the technology reach everyone. We have prepared the course in such a way that anyone totally new to IOT can learn from their place comfortably with the kit in their hands.
Course highlights
  • Step by step video tutorials from IOT basics to Home Automation
  • Importance is given to embedded systems as it forms the basis for IOT
  • Concepts are followed by tasks to make sure the knowledge is retained
  • Quizzes at regular intervals for assessment
  • Online certification for using in Job Search
  • Codes and other materials are provided for future reference
  • A dedicated forum for posting the doubts is available
Those who take the course , follow the tutorials, automate their house and send us a video of the same will be given up to 50% discounts on the upcoming courses.
The course is launched with the offer price of Rs.250/


Here’s the course link

Please send us your feedbacks without fail.

Happy learning😊


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