In day-to- day life we hear about many tamil fishermen being caught and put under Sri Lankan custody and even killed. The sea border between the countries is not easily identifiable, which is the main reason for this cross border cruelty. Here we have designed a system using embedded system which protects the fishermen by notifying the country border to them by using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global system for mobile communication (GSM). We use GPS receiver to find the current location of the fishing boat or vessel. Using GPS, we can find the current latitude and longitude values and is sent to the microcontroller unit. Then the controller unit finds the current location by comparing the present latitude and longitudinal values with the predefined value. The area is divided into three zones- normal zone, warning zone, and finally the restricted zone. If the boat is in normal area, then the LCD displays normal zone. Thus they can make it clear that the boat is in normal area. In case it moves further and reaches the warning zone, the LCD displays warning zone and the speed of the boat engine automatically gets controlled by 50%. If the fisherman did not take any reaction about the alarm and move further, then the boat will enter into the restricted zone, the alarm continues to beep the boat engine gets off by the control of fuel supply to engine.

  • GPS Module
  • GSM Module
  • LCD Display
  • Motor Driver
  • Motor
  • Buzzer