Just that turquoise brain has so much to offer the world. Technically mind blowing and crazy stuffs are all that you can experience.
Our day begins not only with all the projects and products in our minds but also with the spirit enlightened to work with fellow crazy people.
By the way, this was how I felt on my first day. I was the sheriff and you know who BUZZ is 😝😜😜😜

 See that reaction.. That was exactly me... until, I acquired BUZZ's craziness.

OOPS!!!!!! Actually its the morning coffee we all are always excited about. Not bcoz it is super awesome. Actually its wen my craziness begins for the day.. wen my taste buds get to select the best of the worst 😎 We do all abracadabra with our ideas and end up with just the awesommmmmm............wait........ awesome is too low for our soul.
We just give you what you want the way you want..we know that sounds far better than awesome Software/Hardware is not your cup of tea but you still wanna play with technology. well don't give up Our weekend sessions will make things easier for you but don't blame us if you leave the place as a crazy maniac. Like these poses marking the end of the day...

Because we just don't teach you technology but we also teach you to be crazyW e just don't do things the conventional way ,we do different things and of course differently.
We build stuff to make life crazy not mechanical.
We make technology fun.
Failures never haunt us..for we never felt losers..we are a clan of strong people.
Wanna have fun while working?????